Project Description

Oikos has been manufacturing security doors in Gruaro, near Venice.

The company is well-known in the national and international market as a leader in the high-end doors production.

Oikos is characterized for the ability of mixing hand-made skills with an industrial organization, this peculiarity makes it able to create unique and advanced products, born from a continuous and fruitful research of innovation both in tradition and in artistic expressions.

“Explore, believe, create” is the mood that moves every action, leading the company to attract the preference of international designers and planners who look for integrated solutions with a high aesthetic impact.

Oikos Venezia srl
Via della Tecnica, 6
30020 Gruaro (Ve) ITALY

T +39 0421 7671
F +39 0421767222

“With us you create your own Made in Italy concept” is our mission