Helsinki, Look-Eu-Net Assessment Committee meeting on 23rd October 2019 – Approval of the EU SME networks

On 23rd October 2019 the Assessment Committee of the project Look-EU-Net met in Helsinki for the approval of the EU SME Network proposals.

EU Project Partners collected 104 SME Application Forms of which 94 have been validated having the requirements; 54 SMEs from 11 EU Countries have been included in 10 EU SME Network proposals, complete of pilot actions and budgets.

Assessment Committee finally validated seven EU SME Network proposals belonging to the following RIS3: Sustainable Living, Health Care, Agro-food industry and Mechatronics.

Once the SMEs have been matched and the EU SME Networks have been set up, custom-tailored coaching and training activities will be provided. Then, EU Networks will be involved in different activities, such as market analysis, international fairs, business missions, e-commerce, etc.

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