Toledo, Look-Eu-Net consortium meeting on 18th and 19th July 2019 at Toledo Chamber of Commerce

The 18th and 19th July 2019 the second meeting of Look-Eu-Net project was held at the Toledo Chamber of Commerce, involving all the EU Partners of the Consortium. In the first session of the meeting, the main topic was the analysis of the state of the art of the Project activities carried out by the Partners, and in particular the ongoing calls for the collection of the expressions of interest of the EU SMEs for the involvement in the building-up EU Networks. The Project Partners were involved in an open discussion on the work in progress activities and preliminary results, but also on the points of attention found during the implementation of the project and the planning of the next activities. The Partners presented the collected expressions of interest of SMEs and focused some sectors of interest for the building-up EU Networks (agro-food, housing system, digital tourism, mechatronics, health-care, etc.). In the second session of the meeting the Project Partners had the opportunity to deepen the next step of the activities, both from a formal and operative point of view (design of the EU Network action plans, training, etc.), dealing with each others nad knowing the different points of view and considerations.

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